Many DJs on the whole world have a really huge problem to find a venue to make his music dreams come true. Neither do I – I dream about being of a resident of a really cool club in my hometown, where I could be a part of creating a development of a venue, spinning as big parties as the yardage lets. Not only once I was working in a fine club for a long time, but… there always was a ‘but’. And they wasn’t huge clubs, because there’s no huge clubs in Białystok, Poland. We had a giant disco a long time ago, but it was closed faster than build, so…



Okay, we can debate about a Polish potential and how great parties we can organise – however, gigs like Sunrise Festival, We Love Swedish House (nowadays We Are The Future), Electrocity, Audioriver or Up To Date Festival bring a lot of people loving electronic vibes… so, why there’s no huge discos? A question for your moment.


However, I had a pleasure to meet a really cool team three years ago, that I couldjust say ‘Hello, I would love to help you create that event in Białystok’. A team, that didn’t take their noses in the air and answered me normally. Yeah, we normally got along and normally we did a really cool festival in Białystok (not only) that everybody remembers as much as nowadays we have some followers and imitations. How it was? Just three years of “I tried, I came, I did a good job, I repeated”. There was not a festival in Białystok, but I got Poznań and Katowice. The trip was really cool, made well-done, without any problems. And that was a way to get a proposal for Festiwal Kolorów tour in whole Poland in 2017

Station 1. Lublin

Practically I visited that city two times before that tour. Just passing by a car, with a little stop – in 2013 we were going with 3rd Prototype to Moderna Club in Dębica, Poland. Memories? Funny, two T-shirts damaged, first by a cigarette (don’t ask me how, haha),  the second stained by food, hahah. Story of my like, lmao… 🙂

Coming to Lublin, I was able to finally meet my buddy – Hubert. He’s my former neighbor that came to Lublin just to study, so he knew that region and was my guide. I arrived to the hostel that I booked some weeks ago and… found a tragedy. Don’t care about really small room (maybe 2×3), I didn’t expected luxury, just only tidiness. In my humble opinion tidiness are clean bedclothes, no dust (ok, not too much, lol), no rust or stone or mold and other shits. Unfortunately, there were all of them, but the website shows definelely something other. If I won’t pay before, I’d take my luggage and get the hell out of there and go to more comfortable hotel. Shit happens, fortunately I didn’t have to stay there for long, so I just cleaned myself after train trip and hang out with Hubert and Liam – quick dinner and festival time.

All was well done – I love it. The party was definitely cool, a crowd, a climate, fan time. It’s really cool when somebody screams your name and wants a photo or just a time for a small talk. The rest of the evening I spent with Hubert in some bars in where we met a really super married couple, we had a really great time and I remembered Lublin as a cool city when a lot of fine moments happened.



Station 2. Warszawa

My tour manager of the Festival decided to take me directly to Warsaw by her car, where I can normally sleep – in Lublin’s hostel I just slept barely (of course not because of ‘comfort’ in hostel and bar trip a day ago, haha). There was a good time to rest from parties and finally we had a time for a normal talk, just meet as normal people (I really appreciate this). Be normal – that’s cool! No matter how high position you have in your career or how much you have, we’re just people and should be people in every sphere of life. As a result of fact that we arrived to Syrenka’s Stadium much hours before festival’s opening, I had a lot of time to spend with myself, so I went for a walk, rest, something like that. I visited a fast-food and there was something like “A Burger’s Day” – I mean that you could get a double order just paying for one (I didn’t know that, lol), so I got… two big orders, haha! Well, I don’t eat as much as two people (but I look like I do :D), I decided to give one of them to a homelss man that I passed before. We had a really good small talk, maybe for 20-30 minutes. No, he didn’t smell alcohol, he didn’t trying to catch me like much homeless dodgers do. He was sitting on the curb, holding just a paper cup and a paper card that was asking just for a food. When I gave it to him, he looked into my eyes deeply. You know that feeling – when somebody looks at you, full of tears and wanted to tell you thousands of emotions and you got it without a simple word. He told me about his business, his bankruptcy, a heart disease, a family that left him and much hard days related to everyday life. To be honest, he wasn’t an alcoholic. Our talk was really kind and sophisticated. A loniless conditioned by abandonment and helplessness is the worst feeling that a man can experience, but it makes you stronger – so I really hope that we can meet soon, Mr. Grzegorz.

Later, trying to spend my free time, I had an opportunity to meet my friend, Tensile, warsawian DJ that I meet, to be honest, definitely too rarely. A festival was a really good time, it gave me a lot of great experience into… making a show. More about it – later 🙂

Station 3. Wrocław


Finally, I could visit that beautiful city that’s really popular due to a party atmosphere, club districts and never-sleeping nights… and you know what? It’s true, haha. I had a guide – my local buddy, DJ Nano, a really old buddy but we finally could see each other live. He’s a good man, if you want to find a really good party, visit his fanpage and venues that he plays. Personally, I found a truly enlightement into burgers just because of him! Touring like touring, a festival was much better than in cities before… and my performance was really more effective. Our festival team was really impressed and I got a lot of Snaps with great opinions that I took deeply into consideration.


Let’s meet on Snapchat: UncleVero

The Old Town – beautiful, full of life, street attractions, souvenirs and great food. Mainly because of people that making that city really cool – it’s great that you can find some dancers, magicians, fire eaters and other artists nowadays. Oh, we had much luck and I visited ‘Jarmark Świętojański’, it means a local marketplace with a lot of stands packed of great things. We visited The Japan Garden, too. Had a cruise on Odra river, so… we had a lot to do!

To make that trip more fantastic, Nano decided to invite me for an afterparty in a really popular club where he as a club resident (Domówka). A really cool venue with amazing atmosphere, really felt like home. I was pleased to perform there and I hope that we can repeat that party! See you soon, Wrocław!

Station 4. Białystok

Yay! Finally we could spin a big festival in my hometown, located on university square that spinned a summer outdoor cinema time as an afterparty. I really like every activity in my city that makes you want to go outside. Unfortunately, we can’t stay there after a festival because we had an afterparty in a club. With Clarx, a man that I met in Warsaw, DJ Adeq, a Gołębiewski club resident and VooDoo from Olsztyn (Sznaps club resident), we went to The Campus. I met a lot of cool people and Despite the fact that there was an average turnout, we could make a really cool party.

Taki oto filmik podesłał nam jeden z uczestników!Pozdro DrTusz, B-LENS, Lipton Ice Tea, Cybersowa i Parlament Studencki UwB!

Opublikowany przez Festiwal Kolorów Sobota, 24 czerwca 2017

As I mentioned, we had an opportunity to throw an afterparty in M7 Club, (thank you so much!). I really like that place due to a luxury decorations, a stage and a potential that they can take advantage of. Hope that we’ll see each other there!

Station 5. Gdańsk

Gdańsk is my favourite city, I love to come back there. That air, that Old Town, that unique atmosphere that inspires me a lot! I love to walk there, mainly near Motlava. So, FK Team wanted to book me there, too, so I was really happy – there was the biggest stage and Lady Pank (a really popular band in Poland) were a headliner there. Then I had the next great tour and he had an attendance record – there was more than 30 thousand people.

I had a pleasure to create – probably – the first earthquake in Gdańsk’s history (you can check it in Multimedia, made by Trójmiasto.TV :))

So, we can say that I had a bit of vacations there – I had a great weekend in Gdańsk and Sopot with my beautiful girlfriend, a wonderful partner and amazing photographer in the same person – Sylwia (Check her Instagram profile by clicking there). There was a great chance to check The World War II Museum and Wax Figures Museum in Sopot.

Station 6. Rzeszów

Though to the distance (more than 8 hours by a train), a trip to Rzeszów passed quickly. Registered in our apartment, the next day we had to have a performance in Rzeszów, to be more precisely, near Wisłoka Boulevard. So, there was a lot of time to visit much cool places – due to the fact that Sylwia is a great “organiser”, she found a lot fantastic venues and places to visit, for example a colorful, multimedia fountain. A little, a simple, but cool. 🙂

The funniest thing in Rzeszów? A really crazy competition! Standing next to the train station, there was a lot of food trucks. Imagine that – the first booth says ‘we have the best toasts in Rzeszów’ – the second one says then ‘our toasts doesn’t need any advertisements’. Yeah, we laughed a lot. Ok, we had a pleasure also to meet Lord Jack Pub that killed me by his décor – everything, yeah! Everything was like an unique Jack Daniels.  Believe me – it looks amazing. Also, they have a really good food and I need to recommend it definitely!

Rzeszów proved to be a really cool city, I could to organise an earthquake (you can finally check it below) and I hope everybody will remember that, because… everybody jumped with us! 🙂

A trip to Rzeszów (and Cracow also) was fantastiv!

Station 7. Częstochowa

We are gonna see in Częstochowa on 27th August, so I would love to invite you. After this date, I’ll edit that post and add some about a trip. 

Besides a great memory as this post, I would truly say thank you to Iwona and every person that made that festival so fantastic. Thank you for a really good organisation, a really good job and a power of positive time that we all can experience through this tour. 🙂