Hello there! I’m glad you’re here! (Really)

My name is Rafał Radziszewski and for over 11 years, I have been running away from the monotony presented in most dance clubs, by creating new horizons that induce positive emotions.

Under the alias Verossi I am active in the club scene for over 6 years, leading events both in Poland and abroad. During this time, I managed to run over 300 events, ranging from the occasional events in clubs to major festivals.

In addition to conducting events, I am also interested in voice-over translations and voice acting. My personal goal for 2017 is to provide my voice for an advertisement, jingle and an audiobook, which will further my self-development. As far as other interests go, I love to cook (as you can tell by looking at me haha) I like to keep up with the latest tech news and read articles about “life hacks”. I’m also interested in psychology and human relations, much of which will be included in my upcoming blog.

And you? Write me something about yourself, how did you find yourself on this website? If you have any comments regarding the website, I will gladly accept any feedback. You can write to me by clicking on the “Contact” tab, located on the upper right-hand corner.

Hope you have a nice day!

impreza prywatna, klub 2021, rok 2011


4 kluby jednego dnia, rok 2016